History  and  production

Patterns: The patterns mostly show masterpieces of ancient French and Netherlands artists of the old school of Rococo and Romanticism. The patterns are the most relevant basis for the production of high quality Petit Point. Using watercolors, each pattern is painted on scale paper. Every square on the scale paper is painted in a specific color and represents one stitch on the embroidery. Producing patterns requires high sensitivity for colors and shapes.


Shading represents the next very important production step.
About 400 diversely colored yarns can be chosen, and are relevant
for achieving best results. One has to consider that only a perfect constellation of colors can communicate to the beholder of the stitchery an excellent impression of the various shades and tones,
and is essential for high classed Petit Point.

For stitching petit, it is necessary to use only the finest silk gauze and not inferior material such as cotton. The silk gauze has to be strong, resistant,
bright colored and never preprinted, in order to guarantee a long life to our products. If these requirements are met, the ladies working on the embroidery have to count every square on the painted pattern, for transforming it step
by step into authentic Petit Point.


The finest half-cross stitch is applied and normally can only be realized with the help of a magnifying glass. The finished product contains 11 to 22 stitches per centimeter, or up to 484 stitches per square centimeter (3.122 stitches per square inch)!


Bag frames are another important elements of our evening bags. These are being produced by Viennese craftsmen, and are chosen individually according
to the characteristics of the stitchery. Special attention has to be turned to the handbag fasteners. Our fasteners get engraved with special jigsaws and demand extra care. With silver or gold plating and after being engraved, bag frames,
are transformed into gorgeous pieces of jewelry. All these components make every evening bag shine in its own splendor.

We are proud to present our products to you, and glad to provide an inside view on the small but glamorous world of Petit Point.


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History: Handstitchery is many centuries old and one of the finest arts, especially largepoint (large cross-
or halfcross stitcheries), which dates back to the early Middle Ages. Not until the Rococo epoch, do we see
a significant change in stitching techniques. That is when petit point arose from largepoint. Court ladies
and the great empress Maria Theresia herself adopted this fine art, and used to produce beautiful petit point embroidery themselves during their leisure time. The passion for Petit Point spread rapidly among
the Austrian bourgeoisie, especially the Viennese.

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